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Upcoming Free UAS Public Safety Webinars

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“As a former US Air Force Special Operations aviator, the classes by Steve Rhode have been eye-opening for two reasons: 1) the clarity with which the information is presented makes complex subjects easily digestible in 1 hour segments, and 2) the 1-to-1 similarities that Steve teaches between the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and the US Spec Ops communities own methodology. US Spec Ops TTPs are typically said to be “written in blood” and it is truly impressive to see Steve provide training that ensures that the law enforcement and first responder communities do not have to learn lessons in public safety the hard way.”

North Carolina public safety members will be able to receive continuing education credits for the classes through the North Carolina Public Safety Drone Academy. Students who pass the class test will receive a class Certificate of Achievement.

If you have any feedback or suggestion on classes you’d like to see, please contact Steve below.