Who’s Watching the Skies?

woman playing drone

By John Meehan, FAA Safety Outreach Branch As drone operators, are we screen-watching camera operators, or are we pilots? The FAA says we’re pilots, which means we have a responsibility to see and avoid other aircraft (and persons and property on the ground). Seeing and avoiding air traffic is our responsibility when operating drones. Studies … Read more

Fixed-Wing UAS Pilots Need to Read This. Most Flight Outside Regulations.

Fixed-wing Uas Wake Up Call. Most Flight Outside Regulations.

I was recently asked about a fixed-wing UAS, the FlightWave Edge 130. In taking a look at the UAS, I noticed the following statement on the FlightWave sight, “The Edge 130 VTOL tricopter is a consumer-priced, military-grade UAS designed for long-range, long-endurance missions.” – Source It was the words Long-Range that caught my eye, given … Read more

The Truth of Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) and Collision Avoidance for Public Safety Drone Pilots

The Truth Of Visual Line Of Sight (vlos) And Collision Avoidance For Public Safety Drone Pilots

Here is the latest FAA guidance on Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) and Collision Avoidance for drone pilots flying under Part 107 or a COA. Let’s not forget the actual limited operating distances that are required. Seeing your drone means a lot more than just seeing a dot in the sky. Pay attention to the … Read more

The Problem with Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) Compliance at Night

Don’t Trust Marketing When It Comes To Night Flight – Watch This

As I have written about previously, there are numerous myths, misinformation, and disconnects when it comes to Part 107, commercial drone operations, and related FAA responses. But the question that begs for an answer is why these disconnects exist. There are several reasons for the disparities. 1) Manned Aircraft Pilots (MAPs) are trained to think … Read more

Yes, Drone Pilots Must Worry About Manned Aircraft Under 400 Feet AGL

Yes, You Must Worry About Manned Aircraft Under 400 Feet Agl

In recent conversations with other drone experts, I’m stunned by the lack of awareness or understanding about drone pilots and the risk of collision with other aircraft because of poor assumptions. Drone pilots don’t own the airspace below 400 feet above ground level. You have no right of way ownership when you are legally flying. … Read more

The Data and Facts About VLOS Flight Distance for UAS

The Data And Facts About Vlos Flight Distance For Uas

The purpose of this article is to highlight the actual limits of flying small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAVs), specifically multi-rotors, under the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) regulations. This time-consuming research began with a simple question: how far you can see and fly while still meeting the regulations under 14 CFR … Read more