Drone Questions and Accidents – Flight Time, Loss of Control, Crashes, and Oh No Situations

The Accidental Aviator

This time Robert Zarracina and Steve Rhode tackle listener drone questions and discuss published incident and accident reports to see what we all can learn.  Keep the questions coming. You can submit them at PSFlight.org or RareAviation.com. In this podcast, we tackle the following questions. What kind of drone do you use when taking the shot in the … Read more

Let’s Talk Drones – Intro and Hello – The Accidental Aviator

The Accidental Aviator

This is the first episode in a new series – The Accidental Aviator. This podcast is for the UAS, UAV, Part 107, COA, and drone pilots of all experience and skill levels to become exceptional FAA certificated aviators. This podcast is straight and honest talk from experienced FAA manned and drone pilots to help teach, … Read more

Doug Bainton NYC EM and FDNY Pilot – Talking Aviation Integration

I’d Love To Hear Your Answer To This Question

Doug Bainton is a public safety drone pilot with a unique background and skill set. Not only has he been a New York City firefighter for 17 years but he had various important roles with the FDNY Disaster Assistance Response Team and has been deployed all over the place to assist with incidents and emergencies. … Read more