NTSB Punts on Keeping Public Safety Pilots Safe. It’s All On You.

How Long Should Your Faa Drone Preflight Take? – Ask Steve

The NTSB has issued a final rule defining an Unmanned Aircraft Accident and its responsibilities. It is disappointing and disturbing. Public safety pilots fly under the most challenging conditions with extraordinary demands and pressures. This creates additional risks and liabilities for flight. With manufacturers silent on known safety defects of UAS and no government agency … Read more

You Better Get Used to Airworthiness Requirements

You Better Get Used To Airworthiness Requirements

In a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, the NTSB made a statement that has confirmed my position that Airworthiness Certification will play a bigger role moving forward in drone operations. The NTSB said, “The NTSB believes that an updated definition is necessary given the changing UAS industry. Pursuant to section 44807 of the Federal Aviation Administration … Read more