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Final Rule on Operation of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Over People

The Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Over People Final Rule is the next incremental step towards further integration of unmanned aircraft (UA) in the National Airspace System. The final rule allows routine operations over people and routine operations at night under certain circumstances. The rule will eliminate the need for those operations to receive individual Part 107 waivers from the ... Read More »

Public Safety UAS Night Flight

Emergency drone flying during the day is one thing but at night, now that’s a completely different set of skills. In this class, we are going to cover the different night flying considerations and factors you need to think about before you ever lift off from your LZ. If you’ve ever been scared flying at night, this is the class ... Read More »

Night Flying Training Tip – View Limiting Device

I recently started using instrument flying training glasses as a tool to help teach night flying to students. The FAA describes the device as a view-limiting device. In the airplane cockpit, during instrument flight training we always called them horrible names. I always dreaded them as a student. You will typically hear pilots call them foggles. Here is an example ... Read More »