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All Electric X-57 Maxwell Airplane Might be in Your Future

NASA is working on the X-57 all-electric aircraft that might have something to do with your future flight as a UAS pilot. I can envision the Scalable Convergent Electric Propulsion Technology and Operations Research (SCEPTOR) project leading to future public safety drones about half to a quarter to the size of the X-57. These aircraft could be remotely controlled, carry ... Read More »

This Drone is Absolutely Out of This World

Drones have been around for many decades, but this latest drone is truly out of this world. The NASA Ingenuity drone is currently tucked away on the bottom of the Perseverence rover that recently landed on Mars. When this drone takes flight, it will be limited to a bit less flight time than we have to deal with. The total ... Read More »

Pilot Incident Reports – It Happens to All of Us

Nobody is perfect. Even very experienced pilots face issues all the time. The NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) is a good window into issues that happen. Reporting aviation issues to the ASRS portal is also a good way to reduce liability since voluntary gives you some immunity from prosecution and “although a finding of violation may be made, neither ... Read More »