March 2022 FAA Drone Pro Update – LAANC & Getting Serious

March 2022 Faa Drone Pro Update – Laanc & Getting Serious

Last night was the FAA Drone Pro webinar. A lot of good information in these slides. Accidents between UAS and manned aircraft are getting more frequent. In fact, there allegedly was a teenager killed yesterday in the UK after being struck by an unmanned RC aircraft. People flying as hobbyists and not FULLY complying with … Read more

LAANC Allows Some Drone Pilots to Fly at Night – Sort Of

Laanc Allows Some Drone Pilots To Fly At Night – Sort Of

The FAA has just announced the ability to get approval to fly at night in controlled airspace through the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) system. Don’t get all excited before you dive into the details. COA and recreational flyers are not covered and excluded from this new rule that only applies to Part … Read more

More Airports Added to LAANC for UAS Flight

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Starting today more than 100 control towers and airports will be added to the hundreds of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic facilities and airports that currently use the Low Altitude Authorization and Capability (LAANC) system. LAANC is a collaboration between the FAA and industry that directly supports the safe integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems … Read more

A Tested Easy Way to Get LAANC Approval

A Tested Easy Way To Get Laanc Approval

The FAAs Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) software solution have rolled out and I’ve finally had a chance to test it with several different providers. LAANC allows UAS pilots to get automated approvals to fly in the previously off-limits airspace. LAANC requests are checked against airspace data in the FAA UAS Data Exchange … Read more

Controlled Airspace Real Time Authorizations Start to Go Live for Drone Pilots

Controlled Airspace Real Time Authorizations Start To Go Live For Drone Pilots

The FAA launched its much-anticipated Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) system. The program, currently in beta, includes 300 air traffic facilities covering approximately 500 airports. May 24th: Western North June 21st: Western South July 19th: Eastern South August 16th: Eastern North September 13th: Central North The first wave of airports online are: April … Read more