One Department Deals With Drone Battery Problems This Way

Dji Tb55 Batteries Suddenly Failing

A great reader sent in this advice and permitted me to share it. His department has been dealing with DJIbattery issues now, but the advice applies to all pilots flying rechargeable batteries. I wrote about DJI battery problems before and shared what the official language said about dealing with battery problems. Read What Should I … Read more

DJI Matrice Series Battery Issues Shine Light on Safety Weakness – Video

Dji Matrice Series Battery Issues Shine Light On Safety Weakness – Video

A slow-moving issue regarding DJI M200 series aircraft is taking shape and picking up some speed. About two weeks ago I wrote about my own experience with TB55 batteries failing. See this post. The situation is evolving into two categories. The first is a total power loss in flight and the second is instantly dead … Read more