This is What Exceptional Aviation Communication Sounds Like

Drone Versus Airplane In Search: Flight Debrief And Thoughts

There was a recent aircraft accident in Houston. The recording of the radio communications between the three helicopters and tower is a great example of the value of the type of radio communications and coordination that should occur between drone pilots and aircraft above incident scenes. In my experience dealing with new helicopters, they are … Read more

Put Together This Amplified Speaker to Fly on Your Drone and Communicate With People On the Ground

Put Together This Amplified Speaker To Fly On Your Drone And Communicate With People On The Ground

In an effort to create affordable solutions for emergency service pilots operating drones for fire and search and rescue groups, here is my latest budget loving Frankenstein solution. The dedicated equipment for this comes in at a grand total of $76, not including parts used for other things. The Wake Forest Fire Department coverage area … Read more

How Does the Public Safety Drone Pilot Communicate With Other Pilots to Avoid Conflict?

How Does The Public Safety Drone Pilot Communicate With Other Pilots To Avoid Conflict?

As more Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones begin to fly in emergency service roles it is probably a good idea to have a discussion about the need for incident radio communications. Let’s put aside the issues surrounding UAS airspace conflict for a moment. If the public safety UAS pilot is flying at a newsworthy … Read more