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DJI Pilot App Update 0.6.0 Says Goodbye to Color 1 Palette

The latest update of the DJI Pilot App has made an important chance to those using the DJI XT Thermal camera. I’ve written before about thermal Color 1 palette for making targets jump out. In this latest software release, two important thermal updates are present. Isotherm Presets You no longer need to set temperature ranges for person search of fire ... Read More »

Public Safety Drone FLIR Training and Tips – Color 1 Palette

Let me state from the start, I am not the purveyor of all knowledge when it comes to FLIR operations. There are still mysteries I’ve been unable to solve, like why Color 1 works, but here are some tips and observations that may be helpful. Color 1 Palette Vanishes – See this update. Dealing with FLIR camera operations in search ... Read More »