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You Got Fluxed Again

The public safety drone space, and maybe the entire drone niche, is in a state of flux. An important issue I’ve run into recently is working with departments and pilots to overcome assumptions. When presented with a different perspective, the typical response is that it can’t be right. But what I’m finding is a combination of new aviators that might …

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Tom Madigan – Law Enforcement UAS Program Expert – Podcast

When it comes to someone with an extensive resume in law enforcement, Tom Madigan has a bio that reads like the book of an expert. His experience runs from find them, catch them, extract them, test them, to lock them up. In other words, patrol, detective, SWAT, crime lab, and corrections. Today we can aviation to that list. With 25 …

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How Far Can I Legally Fly My Drone and Maintain VLOS? – Ask Steve

Day VLOS Flight Data

Here is a question I get on a regular basis. Question: How far can we fly our drone at the incident scenes and how far beyond the line of sight can we go? Answer: You would think there would be a simple answer to this question. There actually is but the facts get clouded with a lot of incorrect assumptions …

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The COA-Cast – Ask the FAA Podcast

This is the first of hopefully other podcasts where I talk directly to the FAA and get the facts and information from the source. In this podcast, I talk with John Meehan from the FAA and we talk a deep dive into flight under a COA and investigate the landmines and pitfalls most pilots and departments are not aware of. …

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Attorney Jonathan Rupprecht Talks About Drone Aviation Legal Traps – S1E3

Jonathan Rupprecht is a recognized attorney in the drone niche. He has an extensive background in UAS aviation, and his law firm website is a wealth of information for all drone pilots. Jon is a trusted source of information, and he spends a lot of time helping to understand issues that impact us all as public safety pilots. You can listen to …

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Now This is a Giant COA Agency Drone Problem

If you are flying under a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA), you should go and look at your COA approval document and see if it has the following statement in it. Most do. “Airworthiness. All aircraft flying in the NAS must be airworthy. Under Part 107.15, the Remote Pilot in Command is responsible for ensuring the UAS is airworthy. …

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What You Need to Know About Public Safety UAS COA and PAO Operations Before or After You Start Your Program

Flying a public safety operation under a COA is all the rage. So many departments are jumping into public safety flight going down the COA or Public Aircraft Operation route. Some elect to pursue this after a consultant helps them with this approach. Others are told by manufacturer sales representatives this is the best route to take. Some departments decide …

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Why Flying a UAS Under a COA as Public Aircraft Operations May Be the Wrong Choice for Most Agencies and Pilots

This is a tough article for me to write because I know off the bat many people are going to discount what I’m about to share. It’s not because it is wrong but because it flies in the face of assumptions and changing beliefs is difficult. Plus talking at length about UAS, COA, and public aircraft operations may make your …

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The Role of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in the Fire Service and EMS and What it Takes to be a Good Pilot

The age of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or drones as some people call them, is upon us. While both Amazon and Google have announced plans to use these unmanned vehicles for commercial delivery services, there some dramatic and incredibly beneficial uses of these unmanned aircraft in public safety fields outside of law enforcement. I happen to …

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