Police Drone Strikes Airplane Causing Major Damage

Police Drone Strikes Airplane Causing Major Damage

On August 10, 2021, near Markham in Ontario, Canada, a police drone was involved in an operation or investigation near the Buttonville Airport. Transportation officials stated the drone was flying in controlled airspace without authorization when the drone struck the Cessna 172 with two pilots aboard. One pilot was a flight instructor, and the second … Read more

Public Safety Agency COA Crash Shows Why You Can’t Trust UAS Telemetry

Public Safety Agency Coa Crash Shows Why You Can’t Trust Uas Telemetry

Over on ReportDroneAccident.com, I just received a report on a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced crash, and I had a chance to talk to the COA agency point of contact. The accident raises several issues for all pilots to consider to learn from the situation. Background A call came out on a sunny afternoon about … Read more

Drone Accident Database Online Now at ReportDroneAccident.com

Dji Matrice Series Battery Issues Shine Light On Safety Weakness – Video

I got frustrated trying to hunt down actual data on drone accidents, issues, and crashes after my April 2020 inflight emergency with the drone. What I discovered were some disappointing facts. Actual crash data is hard to come by. Drone failure information is not widely available to help you better understand the safety risks your … Read more

Your Public Safety Drone May Not Be Safe for Flight and Attorneys Might Just Eat You for Lunch

Matrice 210 Homegrown Foxfury Lighting Solution

I’ve launched a website for all pilots to report issues they may have experienced in drone flight. Please submit any reports at ReportDroneAccident.com. This is a very hard post to write. I already know many people are going to skewer me and call me an idiot for sharing what I have found, but that doesn’t … Read more

Pilot Encounters Drone Where It Should Not Be

Pilot Encounters Drone Where It Should Not Be

The NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System just shared this disturbing drone story. A private pilot sighted what was thought to be a large bird in controlled airspace. The pilot’s confusion changed to surprise when the species was identified. The pilot reported, “I departed Grand Prairie Municipal Airport at 2,500 feet with a southerly heading until … Read more