Can Public Safety UAS Pilots be Held Personally Liable? More Than We May Know. Part 3

Can Public Safety Uas Pilots Be Held Personally Liable? More Than We May Know. Part 1

To read Part 2 of this series, click here. Let’s take a look at a few examples of what can go wrong, knowingly or not. The first involves Cecil the Lion, the infamous animal who was killed by a big game hunter from Minnesota that sparked an international uproar. See the entire series, here. Mical … Read more

Why Flying a UAS Under a COA as Public Aircraft Operations May Be the Wrong Choice for Most Agencies and Pilots

Why Flying A Uas Under A Coa As Public Aircraft Operations May Be The Wrong Choice For Most Agencies And Pilots

This is a tough article for me to write because I know off the bat many people are going to discount what I’m about to share. It’s not because it is wrong but because it flies in the face of assumptions and changing beliefs is difficult. Plus talking at length about UAS, COA, and public … Read more

About Steve Rhode and Public Safety Flight

How I Setup My Tahoe For Fire Department Drone Flying

The Public Safety Flight website is dedicated to news, honest information, tips, and stories about the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), UAVs, aircraft, and drones in the fire service and other public safety niches. The site was founded by Steve Rhode, an FAA-certificated airplane commercial and instrument certificated pilot and a very experienced Part … Read more