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Will Your Public Safety Drone be Shot Down – Maybe

The White House has proposed giving law enforcement and security agencies the authority to disable drones in the air. That could include taking over your drone in flight or dropping it from the sky. I completely understand there are valid issues that surround the uses of some civilian drones around places which may be sensitive. However, as a public safety ... Read More »

Drone Flight Debrief – Missing Person – 3-31-2018

This is another flight debrief to help new pilots see what really happens on the front lines of public safety flying. This at least a representation of the self-critical look I take at my own performance after each flight to see what I can learn from the experience. WFFD UAS Flight Debrief Date: 3-31-2018 Incident: #[ ] Location: [ ] ... Read More »

FAA OKs Drones on Airport

Text size: By Mary Grady | March 21, 2018 Drone flights are restricted within 5 miles of an ai... Read More »