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Public Safety Drone Podcast

Checklists, Fear, Panic, Experience, and FAA Expectations – S1E2

Jim Moore is the Drone Pilot Newsletter editor with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), the largest association of aviators globally. If you have not yet subscribed to the free newsletter with AOPA, you can click here not to miss an issue. In this episode, we talk about: Different ways checklists are important and how they can be implemented. ... Read More »

Making Good Choices in a Fast Moving Drone Field – S1E1

In this episode, I talk with Miriam McNabb, the editor-in-chief of Drone Life about how we can best deal with a rapidly evolving drone industry with growing pains while trying to make good hardware, software, and training choices at the same time. Be sure to subscribe to the site emails so you don’t miss any upcoming episodes. Transcript Intro (00:00): You’re listening ... Read More »

I’d Love to Hear Your Answer to This Question

I’m working on my new podcast series “Public Safety Drone Flight” and would be ever so grateful if you could send me your answer to this question. What is the one thing I wish I knew before I started flying drones in public safety? Read More »