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Public Safety Drone Training

Did You Know Your Anti-Collision Lights Are Not Compliant?

Just recently a rather worrisome issue has arisen regarding UAS anti-collision lights. It does not matter what you have seen in advertisements regarding strobes, all strobes are non-compliant. There is a lot of advertising out there which claims strobes for UAS meet the standards. But I got curious why none of the ads advertised the strobes coming with the appropriate ... Read More »

Professionalism in Public Safety UAS Drone Flying

I received a communication from the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) to all members that brings up some points which are perfect for the wave of public safety UAS pilots. You see it is all about being professional pilots and professionalism in flying. I think the points it raises are excellent for new public safety drone pilots. This is what the ... Read More »

The Short Changing of Public Safety Drone Pilots and How You Got Screwed Over

I’ve had the pleasure of running into so many good and amazing people in the public safety UAS world. People who are passionate about the public safety work they do. It is truly a blessing to be part of this community even though I came in through the side entrance. Growing up I thought I wanted to be a law ... Read More »

DJI Pilot App Update 0.6.0 Says Goodbye to Color 1 Palette

The latest update of the DJI Pilot App has made an important chance to those using the DJI XT Thermal camera. I’ve written before about thermal Color 1 palette for making targets jump out. In this latest software release, two important thermal updates are present. Isotherm Presets You no longer need to set temperature ranges for person search of fire ... Read More »

Outside Fire Calling in the Foam – Flight Debrief

Wake Forest Fire Department UAS Flight Debrief Flight Time: 20 Minutes Mission Goals: Provide information to assist firefighting operations. What Went Well: The following items were conducted without incident: A safe landing zone (LZ) was established in front of the location on the quiet street. Thermal information was obtained and given to BC on request. The thermal camera identified primary ... Read More »

A Public Safety Drone Pilots Airspace Nightmare

It seems like there is a never-ending series of issues to consider when you head out to fly your UAS or drone. You need to think about basic things like weather, battery health, and where you are going to fly. Drone pilots who have completed their FAA Part 107 certification will have heard the warnings about flying near airports and ... Read More »

Wildland Fire Flight Debrief 2-22-2018

WFFD UAS Flight Debrief Date: 2-22-2018 Flight Time: 60 Minutes Lessons Learned: Chief Ed Barrett accompanied Chief Pilot Steve Rhode to Hoffman, NC for a controlled burn of 250 acres. The purpose of the exercise and training was to evaluate how the drone handled different parts of a wildfire. NC Wildlife Resource Commission teams began the fire along the backline ... Read More »

Thermal Drone Video From SAR for Dementia Patient

Last night I had the opportunity to fly a search and rescue flight for an exercise where the scenario was a dementia patient had walked out of a residence and followed the terrain downhill till they became stuck. Once the victim was located the student searchers navigated their way, with directions from the pilot, to the warm body victim. They ... Read More »

Public Safety Drone FLIR Training and Tips – Color 1 Palette

Let me state from the start, I am not the purveyor of all knowledge when it comes to FLIR operations. There are still mysteries I’ve been unable to solve, like why Color 1 works, but here are some tips and observations that may be helpful. Color 1 Palette Vanishes – See this update. Dealing with FLIR camera operations in search ... Read More »

Expecting Trouble is a Safe Way to Fly

As a public safety rescue pilot with the Wake Forest Fire Department, I’m here to tell you there is no substitute for preparing for something unexpected to happen while you are in the air. Let me share some of my scares with you. Every day I fly a very expensive DJI Matrice 210 with thermal and zoom cameras on it. ... Read More »