Is Your Parrot Anafi Part of the Bad Batch?

Is Your Parrot Anafi Part Of The Bad Batch?

One of the issues with drone companies considering themselves tech companies and not aircraft manufacturers and making sure their drones have an Airworthiness Certification is the lack of notification when things go wrong. An accident in the UK had a very interesting statement in it by the investigation board. In this accident, the drone came … Read more

You Got Fluxed Again

Matrice 210 Grounded – Uas Map Feature – Survey Results

The public safety drone space, and maybe the entire drone niche, is in a state of flux. An important issue I’ve run into recently is working with departments and pilots to overcome assumptions. When presented with a different perspective, the typical response is that it can’t be right. But what I’m finding is a combination … Read more

Oak Island Water Rescue Helps Save Kayaker

Oak Island Water Rescue Helps Save Kayaker

This post was submitted by the great people at Oak Island Water Rescue. We were dispatched, along with Oak Island Fire Department, to locate and assist a kayaker that had gone missing near Sheep Island. He had been boating with a friend who lost contact with him and called 911 when he could not find … Read more

DJI Matrice 300 Incident Results in Serious Injury

What Are Your Thoughts On The New Dji Matrice 300 Rtk? – Ask Steve

A DJI Matrice 300 RTK accident raises many issues to consider. This seems like a classic chain of the accident example where the issues that resulted in serious tendon and nerve damage began before the flight ever happened. This accident occurred on May 6, 2021, in Georgia. According to the NTSB report the pilot was … Read more

Drone Deploy Gets Talked About in NC Drone Lawsuit

Drone Deploy Gets Talked About In Nc Drone Lawsuit

North Carolina drone pilot Michael Jones received a cease and desist letter in 2019 from the North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors (NCBEES). He had been put on notice in 2018 there was a potential issue. The letter stated he had been “previously notified that the North Carolina Board of Examiners for … Read more

I Was Wrong and DJI Issue Worse Than I Expected.

How Software Complexity Impacts Suav Pilots And What Can Be Done About It

Before you read this I need to make sure you understand my goal here is to provide advice, guidance, experience, and opinions to public safety pilots to help them fly safely and to reduce unnecessary and avoidable personal liability for aviation activities. I sent out an email to my list subscribers about DJI Pulls the … Read more

DJI Pulls the Plug on Your Big Drone Investments and Leaves You Hanging

What Are Your Thoughts On The New Dji Matrice 300 Rtk? – Ask Steve

May 24, 2021 See my update at the bottom of this post. My condolences to your investment in DJI products costing tens of thousands of dollars. The plug has been officially pulled by DJI on a number of products. This has been a problem brewing for at least a year. My advice was to avoid … Read more