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Police Drone Strikes Airplane Causing Major Damage

On August 10, 2021, near Markham in Ontario, Canada, a police drone was involved in an operation or investigation near the Buttonville Airport. Transportation officials stated the drone was flying in controlled airspace without authorization when the drone struck the Cessna 172 with two pilots aboard. One pilot was a flight instructor, and the second was a student pilot. The …

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You Better Get Used to Airworthiness Requirements

In a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, the NTSB made a statement that has confirmed my position that Airworthiness Certification will play a bigger role moving forward in drone operations. The NTSB said, “The NTSB believes that an updated definition is necessary given the changing UAS industry. Pursuant to section 44807 of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act of 2018 …

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FTC Pass Policy to Make it Easier to Repair Drones

The Federal Trade Commission today unanimously voted to ramp up law enforcement against repair restrictions that prevent small businesses, workers, consumers, and even government entities from fixing their own products. The policy statement adopted today is aimed at manufacturers’ practices that make it extremely difficult for purchasers to repair their products or shop around for other service providers to do it for …

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Don’t Blindly Fall for Made in USA Drone Marketing Fraud

The Federal Trade Commission finalized a new rule that will crack down on marketers who make false, unqualified claims that their products are Made in the USA. Under the rule, marketers making unqualified Made in USA claims on labels should be able to prove that their products are “all or virtually all” made in the United States. This will impact …

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Is Your Parrot Anafi Part of the Bad Batch?

Parrot Anafi Failure and Crash

One of the issues with drone companies considering themselves tech companies and not aircraft manufacturers and making sure their drones have an Airworthiness Certification is the lack of notification when things go wrong. An accident in the UK had a very interesting statement in it by the investigation board. In this accident, the drone came falling out of the sky. …

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Drones That Can See Around Trees With Thermal – Code Available

I previously interviewed Oliver Bimber regarding his work with Airborne Optical Sectioning. This software solution allows drones to fly autonomously and using AI it can piece together glimpses of thermal responses and then identify those that are humans below tree canopies. It is a revolutionary piece of software and when drones that are authorized to fly long and further become …

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You Got Fluxed Again

The public safety drone space, and maybe the entire drone niche, is in a state of flux. An important issue I’ve run into recently is working with departments and pilots to overcome assumptions. When presented with a different perspective, the typical response is that it can’t be right. But what I’m finding is a combination of new aviators that might …

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Oak Island Water Rescue Helps Save Kayaker

This post was submitted by the great people at Oak Island Water Rescue. We were dispatched, along with Oak Island Fire Department, to locate and assist a kayaker that had gone missing near Sheep Island. He had been boating with a friend who lost contact with him and called 911 when he could not find him after several minutes of …

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Looking for Public Safety Drone Pilots to Join and Fly

North Carolina Volunteer Rescue Pilots

I recently started a new group that is focused on North Carolina public safety assistance. The group provides aviation help and assistance to North Carolina public safety groups: fire, rescue, EMS, and law enforcement. If you are a North Carolina-based drone pilot that is involved in public safety, please consider becoming a volunteer pilot. Visit NCVRP.org for more information and …

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Finally the DJI Witch Hunt is Over – Pentagon Approved


It appears the Pentagon has put an end to the ridiculous fear and knee-jerk reaction of so many people over DJI software issues. Don’t get me wrong, I have serious concerns about the operation of the DJI aircraft that have never applied for or achieved an Airworthiness Certification. And now that support and development are ending for models, I think …

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