Who’s Watching the Skies?

woman playing drone

By John Meehan, FAA Safety Outreach Branch As drone operators, are we screen-watching camera operators, or are we pilots? The FAA says we’re pilots, which means we have a responsibility to see and avoid other aircraft (and persons and property on the ground). Seeing and avoiding air traffic is our responsibility when operating drones. Studies … Read more

Fresh Eyes Look at COA Requirements for the New Public Safety Department

Fresh Eyes Look At Coa Requirements For The New Public Safety Department

I asked Captain Moffatte from the Wake Forest Fire Department to read and review the information on starting a COA flight program using his fresh eyes. Captain Moffatte is responsible for managing multiple programs and is uniquely qualified to understand complex requirements, planning, managing data, and reporting for compliance. To date, he has not been … Read more

DJI M300 Firmware Update Helps Safety a Bit

What Are Your Thoughts On The New Dji Matrice 300 Rtk? – Ask Steve

DJI has announced a new firmware update for the M300. One item caught my eye since it can assist pilots with part of their preflight responsibilities as described in Appendix E of AC 107-2A. In particular, is item four that states the pilot must “Verify all the manufacturer-required components that make up the small UAS … Read more