DJI M300 Firmware Update Helps Safety a Bit

What Are Your Thoughts On The New Dji Matrice 300 Rtk? – Ask Steve

DJI has announced a new firmware update for the M300. One item caught my eye since it can assist pilots with part of their preflight responsibilities as described in Appendix E of AC 107-2A. In particular, is item four that states the pilot must “Verify all the manufacturer-required components that make up the small UAS … Read more

Remote ID Collection is Happening and Automated Enforcement Will Follow

Remote Id Collection Is Happening And Automated Enforcement Will Follow

Remote ID for UAS is coming, and I hear that companies are already going to record that data for future use. I’m not sure how they will obtain it from locations across the country with only local transmission.¬†However, it would be easy to collect in more population-dense areas or by using local receivers. This is … Read more

Public Safety Agency COA Crash Shows Why You Can’t Trust UAS Telemetry

Public Safety Agency Coa Crash Shows Why You Can’t Trust Uas Telemetry

Over on, I just received a report on a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced crash, and I had a chance to talk to the COA agency point of contact. The accident raises several issues for all pilots to consider to learn from the situation. Background A call came out on a sunny afternoon about … Read more