What Are Our UAS Maintenance Responsibilities as a COA Agency? – Ask Steve

What Are Our Uas Maintenance Responsibilities As A Coa Agency? – Ask Steve

Another excellent question I’ve been asked is: “What Are Our UAS Responsibilities as a COA Agency?” If you have a question you’d like to ask, click here. As fast-paced and modern as the public safety drone world is, the current FAA guidance and rules departments should follow have not moved at the same pace. Yet, … Read more

How Long Should Your FAA Drone Preflight Take? – Ask Steve

How Long Should Your Faa Drone Preflight Take? – Ask Steve

You would not believe the questions I get regularly. Many of them wind up being innocent-looking rabbit holes that lead to an underground maze of tunnels. Take, for example, the question, “How long should my preflight take?” I Guarantee Nobody is Going to Like the Preflight Answer According to FAA Advisory Circular 107-2A there is … Read more

What is Your Experience With Time Between Failure of Matrice Drones? – Ask Steve

What Is Your Experience With Time Between Failure Of Matrice Drones? – Ask Steve

Question: We are in Europe and flying a DJI Matrice 600 for delivery of items. I love your ambition and the work you are doing with reportdroneaccident.com! Since I consider you a very well-informed person with great subject matter expertise, I’d like to ask the following: As you know, DJI are more than reluctant to … Read more

How Do I Deal With Flying the Drone Near Uncontrolled Airports? – Ask Steve

How Do I Deal With Flying The Drone Near Uncontrolled Airports? – Ask Steve

Question: Dear Steve, I am a Part 107 licensed UAS pilot and, like you, have difficulty understanding exactly what is expected of me as a pilot regarding radio communications. I operate mostly in orthomosaic / photogrammetry mapping flights. Some of them are in rural areas near grass strips and uncontrolled airports. I listen on CTAF … Read more

What Should We Plan for in the Upcoming Drone Budget? – Ask Steve

You Just Missed A Great Class On Multiagency Flight

A reader asked me the following question: Question Steve, Our department is currently in the budget planning phase, and they’ve asked me to put in anything and everything I can think of we might need for our drone program. Currently, our program consists of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, and Mavic 2 … Read more