The Truth of Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) and Collision Avoidance for Public Safety Drone Pilots

The Truth Of Visual Line Of Sight (vlos) And Collision Avoidance For Public Safety Drone Pilots

Here is the latest FAA guidance on Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) and Collision Avoidance for drone pilots flying under Part 107 or a COA. Let’s not forget the actual limited operating distances that are required. Seeing your drone means a lot more than just seeing a dot in the sky. Pay attention to the … Read more

NC Lawsuit Regarding UAS Aerial Photos and Mapping Still Leaves Pilots Exposed

Drone Deploy Gets Talked About In Nc Drone Lawsuit

In 2021, Michael jones sued the North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors (NCBEES) in an attempt to get them to back off from proceeding with enforcement action for illegal surveying services. Jones apparently felt taking photos and doing aerial maps should not fall under an NC surveying law. You can read the … Read more

March 2022 FAA Drone Pro Update – LAANC & Getting Serious

March 2022 Faa Drone Pro Update – Laanc & Getting Serious

Last night was the FAA Drone Pro webinar. A lot of good information in these slides. Accidents between UAS and manned aircraft are getting more frequent. In fact, there allegedly was a teenager killed yesterday in the UK after being struck by an unmanned RC aircraft. People flying as hobbyists and not FULLY complying with … Read more

What Could Go Wrong? New Danger for Drone Pilots – Recreational Multicopters

Heat Target Mystery Solved

For the past few years concerns have been raised about drone pilots not flying within the FAA regulations. Non-compliance from avoiding other aircraft, flying beyond the visual line of sight, flying at night, etc. Drone pilots may have felt put upon by the FAA and other manned aircraft pilots. But let’s add a new twist … Read more

Yes, Drone Pilots Must Worry About Manned Aircraft Under 400 Feet AGL

Yes, You Must Worry About Manned Aircraft Under 400 Feet Agl

In recent conversations with other drone experts, I’m stunned by the lack of awareness or understanding about drone pilots and the risk of collision with other aircraft because of poor assumptions. Drone pilots don’t own the airspace below 400 feet above ground level. You have no right of way ownership when you are legally flying. … Read more

Drone Questions and Accidents – Flight Time, Loss of Control, Crashes, and Oh No Situations

The Accidental Aviator

This time Robert Zarracina and Steve Rhode tackle listener drone questions and discuss published incident and accident reports to see what we all can learn.  Keep the questions coming. You can submit them at or In this podcast, we tackle the following questions. What kind of drone do you use when taking the shot in the … Read more