Fresh Eyes Look at COA Requirements for the New Public Safety Department

Fresh Eyes Look At Coa Requirements For The New Public Safety Department

I asked Captain Moffatte from the Wake Forest Fire Department to read and review the information on starting a COA flight program using his fresh eyes. Captain Moffatte is responsible for managing multiple programs and is uniquely qualified to understand complex requirements, planning, managing data, and reporting for compliance. To date, he has not been … Read more

NTSB Punts on Keeping Public Safety Pilots Safe. It’s All On You.

How Long Should Your Faa Drone Preflight Take? – Ask Steve

The NTSB has issued a final rule defining an Unmanned Aircraft Accident and its responsibilities. It is disappointing and disturbing. Public safety pilots fly under the most challenging conditions with extraordinary demands and pressures. This creates additional risks and liabilities for flight. With manufacturers silent on known safety defects of UAS and no government agency … Read more

UK UAS Accident Data Shows Safety Issue Most Pilots Are in Denial About

Uk Uas Accident Data Shows Safety Issue Most Are In Denial About

The UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch just published their 2021 accident review for UAS incidents. “Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) occurrences accounted for a quarter of the notifications received by the AAIB in 2021 and the increased levels of reporting from this sector is welcomed. The AAIB has been investigating selected UAS accidents since 2015 and … Read more

Fixed-Wing UAS Pilots Need to Read This. Most Flight Outside Regulations.

Fixed-wing Uas Wake Up Call. Most Flight Outside Regulations.

I was recently asked about a fixed-wing UAS, the FlightWave Edge 130. In taking a look at the UAS, I noticed the following statement on the FlightWave sight, “The Edge 130 VTOL tricopter is a consumer-priced, military-grade UAS designed for long-range, long-endurance missions.” – Source It was the words Long-Range that caught my eye, given … Read more

Pilots Record Database FAQ for COA Departments Flying Part 107 and Public Aircraft Operations

Pilots Record Database Faq For Coa Departments Flying Part 107 And Public Aircraft Operations

The subject of the Pilots Record Database and its applicability for both Part 107 and COA pilots has created a thirst for more clarity. These FAQs below are a combination of information distributed by the FAA, and some are from the info I published here. With the liability and complexity of yet another COA admin … Read more

Public Safety Drone Pilots Now Subject to Massive Reporting Requirements to FAA

Five Airports Selected To Test And Evaluate Unmanned  Aircraft Detection

At first glance, you are not going to believe what I’m about to share with you. But this is all true, so pay close attention. Historically the FAA has maintained a database of commercial pilots that employers had to upload information about. This was typically so that when pilots moved from one carrier to another … Read more