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A Drone Crash Experience From the Pilot’s Point of View

A very conscientious pilot, Tim Strickland, recently experienced the DJI Matrice 210 he was piloting falling to the ground. The accident report he submitted is online here and the video of his accident is above. You read my ramblings and thoughts nearly all of the time so I asked Tim to describe the crash experience in his words. My name ... Read More »

Thermal Data in Pilot App Said to Produce Poor Results

A reader that saw my webinar on the use of the thermal camera asked me a very technical question and I had to turn to a leading thermal camera company for an answer. An unnamed expert source said this about the current implementation of the thermal camera in the Pilot app; “Here’s the last point to keep in mind: the ... Read More »

Drone Accident Database Online Now at

I got frustrated trying to hunt down actual data on drone accidents, issues, and crashes after my April 2020 inflight emergency with the drone. What I discovered were some disappointing facts. Actual crash data is hard to come by. Drone failure information is not widely available to help you better understand the safety risks your aircraft may have. Manufacturers are ... Read More »

Aviation Radio Communications for UAS Public Safety Pilots

So you are flying at an incident scene and news helicopters are hovering above or maybe you are flying near an airport and you should be using your aviation radio to announce your location, how do you do that? Well, you’re in luck, this class will help you to communicate on the aviation radio like a pro. You no longer ... Read More »

As a Public Safety Drone Pilot the FAA Wants you to Know All About ADM and CRM But Do You?

The FAA places a big emphasis on Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) and Crew Resource Management (CRM) for manned aircraft pilots. But for drone pilots who have not been involved in aviation, ADM / CRM appears to be an abstract or non-applicable concept. This webinar is designed to help UAV pilots apply those parts of ADM / CRM the presenter believes ... Read More »

Crash Reconstruction With Drones for Law Enforcement

Master Trooper Brian Leventhal from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol will be sharing his lessons learned, data storage issues, how to capture drone mapping images that are accepted, and basically all the lessons he has learned along the way. This is a free educational presentation based on real-world experience and not a sales presentation for anything. There is nothing ... Read More »

Public Safety UAS Incident Command – Flight Operations

There is so much to learn about how to conduct UAS public safety flight operations in a way that can give you the best chance of achieving your mission goals. Flying gets especially tricky when you find yourself flying with other departments or in a multiagency situation. However, your chance of mission success can be greatly enhanced through organization and ... Read More »