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You Better Get Used to Airworthiness Requirements

You Better Get Used To Airworthiness Requirements

In a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, the NTSB made a statement that has confirmed my position that Airworthiness Certification will play a bigger role moving forward in drone operations. The NTSB said, “The NTSB believes that an updated definition is necessary given the changing UAS industry. Pursuant to section 44807 of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act of 2018 …

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FAA Releases Airworthiness Criteria for 3DRobotics and Flirtey Models

Faa Releases Airworthiness Criteria For 3drobotics And Flirtey Models

The following airworthiness criteria were just released for the following models. 3DRobitics Model 3DR-GS H520-G Airworthiness Criteria 3DRobotics Government Services (3DR) applied to the FAA on May 1, 2019, for a special class type certificate under Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) 21.17(b) for the Model 3DR-GS H520-G UAS. The Model 3DR-GS H520-G consists of an unmanned aircraft …

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FAA Issues Public Aircraft Training Flight Memo Impacts UAS

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Up until November 12, 2021, UAS COA operations were not allowed to conduct training flights. All pilots would have needed to hold a Part 107 pilot certificate or the flight would have been not permitted under the COA. On November 12, 2021, the FAA Assistant Chief Counsel for Regulations issued the following memo to provide a bit more clarification. However, …

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Let’s Talk Drones – Intro and Hello – The Accidental Aviator

The Accidental Aviator

This is the first episode in a new series – The Accidental Aviator. This podcast is for the UAS, UAV, Part 107, COA, and drone pilots of all experience and skill levels to become exceptional FAA certificated aviators. This podcast is straight and honest talk from experienced FAA manned and drone pilots to help teach, educate, and discuss aviation-related topics …

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DJI Drags Feet Providing Accident Assistance to Investigators

A Drone Crash Experience From The Pilot’s Point Of View

For the first time that I’ve seen, the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has published a public statement regarding DJI not cooperating on a timely basis in an accident investigation. I don’t believe an accident report has been released yet. But apparently, it has been at least a year. The UK AAIB statement says: “The DJI Matrice M210 was …

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Drones Public Aircraft and the Law Explained – FAA Presentation

Drones Public Aircraft And The Law Explained – Faa Presentation

The transcript of the session is below but keep in mind I did not go through it to correct little things. The links and documents mentioned in this webinar can be found here. The speakers in this webinar included the folks below. Transcript 00:00:10.557 –> 00:00:15.147 Thank you so much Tim I’m so glad that everyone could attend today. 00:00:15.157 …

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New Drone Education Column for All Pilots Takes Flight

New Drone Education Column For All Pilots Takes Flight

On October 20th I started a new series on Drone Life to help all drone pilots become wiser pilots with every flight. As a public safety manned and unmanned pilot, I’ve been a part of many challenging flights. Every flight is a learning experience, and I’ve learned so much the hard way.  In the earliest days of UAS flying, the …

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What Kind of Drones Have White, Red, and Green Lights?

The Three Best Approaches To Finding Your Fire Department Drone Pilot

A reader asked, “What kind of drones have white red, and green lights?” Again, it is another UAS question with no great answer. Facts About Lights Under CFR 107 A drone is not required to have any lights on it to fly except for an anti-collision light when flying between civil twilight and night. Manned aircraft have a requirement for …

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Do Drones Work Better Without Propeller Protectors? – Ask Steve

Do Drones Work Better Without Propeller Protectors? – Ask Steve

Today’s question from a reader is “Do drones work better without propeller protectors?” If you have a question to ask, click here. That’s a Loaded Question There are two issues we have to deal with regarding propellers. One is safety and the other is performance. Propeller Safety On one hand, it really doesn’t matter if a drone propeller operates better, …

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What Are Our UAS Maintenance Responsibilities as a COA Agency? – Ask Steve

What Are Our Uas Maintenance Responsibilities As A Coa Agency? – Ask Steve

Here is another great question – “What Are Our UAS Responsibilities as a COA Agency?” If you have a question you’d like to ask, click here. As fast-paced and modern as the public safety drone world is, the current FAA guidance and rules departments should follow have not moved at the same pace. Yet, these are the regulations and directives …

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