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Let’s Talk Drones – Intro and Hello – The Accidental Aviator

The Accidental Aviator

This is the first episode in a new series – The Accidental Aviator. This podcast is for the UAS, UAV, Part 107, COA, and drone pilots of all experience and skill levels to become exceptional FAA certificated aviators. This podcast is straight and honest talk from experienced FAA manned and drone pilots to help teach, educate, and discuss aviation-related topics …

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DJI Drags Feet Providing Accident Assistance to Investigators

A Drone Crash Experience From The Pilot’s Point Of View

For the first time that I’ve seen, the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has published a public statement regarding DJI not cooperating on a timely basis in an accident investigation. I don’t believe an accident report has been released yet. But apparently, it has been at least a year. The UK AAIB statement says: “The DJI Matrice M210 was …

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New Drone Education Column for All Pilots Takes Flight

New Drone Education Column For All Pilots Takes Flight

On October 20th I started a new series on Drone Life to help all drone pilots become wiser pilots with every flight. As a public safety manned and unmanned pilot, I’ve been a part of many challenging flights. Every flight is a learning experience, and I’ve learned so much the hard way.  In the earliest days of UAS flying, the …

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What Are Our UAS Maintenance Responsibilities as a COA Agency? – Ask Steve

What Are Our Uas Maintenance Responsibilities As A Coa Agency? – Ask Steve

Here is another great question – “What Are Our UAS Responsibilities as a COA Agency?” If you have a question you’d like to ask, click here. As fast-paced and modern as the public safety drone world is, the current FAA guidance and rules departments should follow have not moved at the same pace. Yet, these are the regulations and directives …

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How Long Should Your FAA Drone Preflight Take? – Ask Steve

How Long Should Your Faa Drone Preflight Take? – Ask Steve

You would not believe the questions I get regularly. Many of them wind up being innocent-looking rabbit holes that lead to an underground maze of tunnels. Take, for example, the question, “How long should my preflight take?” I Guarantee Nobody is Going to Like the Preflight Answer According to FAA Advisory Circular 107-2A there is a long list of preflight …

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This is a Rare And Unique UAS Conundrum With No Good Answer

This Is A Rare And Unique Uas Conundrum With No Good Answer

I recently wrote about the decision to no longer fly the DJI matrice drone. You can read that post here. In public safety UAS flying, we are entering a unique period of a lack of clarity for the first time in the field as drone manufacturers drop development and support for the aircraft we fly. Poll Results Surprised Me A …

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Straight Talk: I Don’t Understand the NIST Course Excitement

Straight Talk: I Don’t Understand The Nist Course Excitement

In the public safety drone space, I’ve watched people get excited about or host a drone performance test based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and I think that is misplaced energy. NIST and others promote the course, leading to a testing threshold that can lead to some competency awards. NIST and others say that drone pilot …

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Our DJI Drone is Officially a Brick. Can’t Giveaway And I Won’t Fly It

Our Dji Drone Is Officially A Brick. Can’t Giveaway And I Won’t Fly It

At the fire department, we’ve had safety concerns with the status of our DJI Matrice drone, considering that DJI refused to evaluate the drone and confirm it was in a condition that was safe to fly. You can read the backstory on my personal adventure here. No Good Answer But flash forward to last week when we tried to get …

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Drone and Manned Aircraft Collisions on the Rise

Drone And Manned Aircraft Collisions On The Rise

I recently wrote about the police drone collision in Canada where the drone struck a Cessna 172 causing damage to the propeller, engine, and cowling. But that turns out to not be the first or only such occurrence. At the end of 2020, a Cessna 182 Turbo struck a drone at 1,800 feet MSL in the Netherlands that resulted in …

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You Don’t Want to Have to Type This Letter to the Chief From a UAS Flight

I’d Love To Hear Your Answer To This Question

Brandon Karr is from Pearland, Texas, and is currently the Chief Pilot, UAS Program Coordinator, and night shift patrolman for the Pearland Police Department. And I thought I had a full plate. Brandon is another guest that has a different perspective on public safety drone operations because he has been a manned aircraft pilot since 2006. He worked hard and …

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