Here is the Scoop on Getting Part 107 Recurrent Online. It’s Complicated.

People have been emailing me and saying they have heard non-manned aircraft pilots need to only take an online test to get recurrent.

That is not exactly true. It’s complicated.

Here is the scoop, straight from the FAA.

The amendment to allow non-Part 61 (manned aircraft) pilots to get recurrent online isn’t effective until March 1st, so a non-61 pilot must still take the recency of knowledge test at a testing center. After March 1 the new course and will be available online through FAASTeam website.

However, any course on the FAASTeam website now is NOT the one non-Part 61 pilots need to take. The new course will is supposed to appear on the FAASTeam website on March 1st.

If your 24-month recency has expired, you must either not fly until you take the online course after March 1st, or go to a testing center and take the recurrent test.

If you choose to take the recurrent test, after March 1st but before March 16th, that doesn’t cover night training, so while you would have another 24 months of “currency” you won’t be able to fly at night until you take the new training course.

You have to wait until after March 16th when the amendment for 107.29 waiver training becomes effective.

Even if you take the new course after March 1st, you can’t fly at night until March 16th unless you have a 107.29 waiver.