Aviation Radio Communications for UAS Public Safety Pilots

So you are flying at an incident scene and news helicopters are hovering above or maybe you are flying near an airport and you should be using your aviation radio to announce your location, how do you do that?

Well, you’re in luck, this class will help you to communicate on the aviation radio like a pro.

You no longer need to be intimidated by the aviation radio terminology and how to use it. Proper usage is simple once you sound professional and say the right things.

This class will cover what you need to have, how to use it, and how to sound like the awesome pilot you are.

This is a free educational presentation based on real-world experience and not a sales presentation for anything. There is nothing for sale and nothing to be purchased.

Participants will be able to gain knowledge that will make them significantly smarter and safer when it comes to using the aviation radio as a public safety agency.

The class is for both law enforcement and fire service pilots.

Class Video

Class Links

  1. https://psflight.org//wp-content/uploads/2019/04/A-Full-Phonetic-Alpha-and-Number-Chart.pdf

  2. https://foreflight.com

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