Public Safety UAS Thermal Camera Operations

This is a free educational presentation based on real-world experience and not a sales presentation for anything. There is nothing for sale and nothing to be purchased.

Thermal cameras have a mysterious reputation for being able to find all sorts of missing people and give us a magic eye-in-the-sky. But do they really?

In this class, we take a deep dive into drone thermal camera operations and look at specific examples of when they work great and when they only make mission flight more difficult.

Students will be able to better understand when using a thermal camera makes sense and when it can only increase frustration and limits mission success.

Participants will be able to gain knowledge that will make them significantly smarter about the fundamentals of thermal camera operations, what settings to use, and what situations to use a thermal camera in.

The class will cover examples that apply to both law enforcement and fire services.

Multiple Downloads Available – Attendees will have access to my multiple reference documents to download.

Class Video

Class Links

  1. FLIR Star Safire Brochure
  2. L3 Wescam MX-15 Brochure
  3. M7 Long Range IR Brochure
  4. Zenmuse XT Manual
  5. Zenmuse XT2 Manual
  6. European Drone Efficacy Study

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