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Matrice 210 Homegrown FoxFury Lighting Solution

Matrice 210 Homegrown FoxFury Lighting Solution

Rob Herrington from Jefferson County 911 in Ohio wanted to share this great tip on how to get some inexpensive lighting on the Matrice 210.

Rob said, “Like everyone flying drones for Public Safety, Jefferson County 911 has been frustrated with the problem of not enough scene lighting on our Matrice 210.

We had tried several solutions but we still were not satisfied with the brightness or positioning of the lights.

While attending FDIC this year, we visited the FoxFury Lighting Solutions booth and checked out the Rugo, a new ruggedized 700 lumen light.

We bought two of the lights as well as some brackets that allow the lights to be mounted on the legs of the 210.

Following some testing, we weren’t really very happy with the mounting solution so we decided to 3D print our own bracket to allow the lights to be center mounted.

We actually used the mounting rail from the Skyfire FSES Drop System as the base for the mount, although it would be easy enough to 3D print something similar.

We printed the V-shaped bracket and used the mounting hardware that Foxfury provided to attach the bracket to the lights.

The result is a very solid mount that carries 1400 lumens of light.

Foxfury actually provides a number of different mounting solutions themselves that might work for some agencies, but we decided to go the extra mile and create our own mount and we are very pleased with it.”

Thanks for the tip Rob and sharing it with all of us.

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Steve is an experienced and certificated UAS pilot and aircraft instrument rated pilot. He is also the Chief Pilot with the Wake Forest Fire Department and North Carolina Public Safety Drone Academy.
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