Expanded UAS Oversight for 2019-2020

For about a year now I’ve been talking about additional UAS oversight from the FAA. A recent document most would never see talks specifically about how a special focus on some oversight activities.

Here are the highlights.

  • “The analysis indicates UAS do pose potential risks to air transport due to UAS sightings in communities bordering airport approach and departure paths. Additional potential risks were identified from noncompliant operations that would require local analysis to target, and noncompliant operators also pose potential risk to firefighting, law enforcement, and emergency response efforts. In consideration of these potential risks, specific conditions and targeting mechanisms were determined to be the best risk-based approach to expanding UAS surveillance opportunities as part of a broader UAS oversight strategy.”
  • “Conduct one UAS site visit, either Operations (1623), Maintenance (3631), or Avionics (5631), where 5 or more UAS investigations occur within Class B, C, or D airspace, or 10 or more total investigations occur in any airspace.”

This information comes from a communication from FAA HQ to local Flight Standard District Offices (FSDOs) in N 8900.504.

Just don’t be surprised if your UAS operations become selected for such an oversight visit.