Some Technical Feedback From DJI Regarding Battery Failures

This is kind of a quasi-official statement from DJI since it came on a support ticket to me regarding my TB55 battery issues. However, at least it is some advice and update.

What is interesting is while the UK CAA strongly advises not to fly until the problem is resolved, DJI seems to say flight is still possible.

Support says:

“Here are their provided instruction for now.

*Instructions before and during flight:

  1. Fully charge the battery according to the indicator on the charger, not the indicator on the battery itself

  2. Insert the battery in the drone, power on and check in the app that the voltage is above 4.25V (fully charged)

  3. During flight, continue to monitor the voltage of the battery in the battery submenu of the app at all times and ensure it is above 3.7V

  4. Plan your flight so as to end the operation and land with at least 3.7V indicated (approximately 30% of full charge)

  5. Reminder: Keep the flight within visual line of sight (VLOS) to support a safe return to home

  6. Do not fly over people, moving vehicles, or other property that is susceptible to damage”

They also said, “We did have it coordinated with our engineers and they are already having an ongoing test and are doing their best to resolve the issue especially for this battery issue. They are already developing firmware that will fix the issue. For the meantime, they have said to be cautious when using the aircraft and always check the voltage.”

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