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DJI Pilot App Update 0.6.0 Says Goodbye to Color 1 Palette

DJI Pilot App Update 0.6.0 Says Goodbye to Color 1 Palette

The latest update of the DJI Pilot App has made an important chance to those using the DJI XT Thermal camera.

I’ve written before about thermal Color 1 palette for making targets jump out.

In this latest software release, two important thermal updates are present.

Isotherm Presets

You no longer need to set temperature ranges for person search of fire isotherms.

The two presets for temperature ranges conform to what I’ve published previously as manual settings. You will need to keep an eye on the lowest temperature setting as we enter summer and gound temps can warm up significantly. Keep in mind that bottom temperature should be 15 degrees above your ground ambient temp to make sure everything doesn’t light up.

Color Palette Name Changes

Color 1 is no longer an option to select when isotherms are open. You will notice the thermal palette settings are now [X]iso. The nearest palette that matches what Color 1 used to do is now called WhiteHotIso or MidRangeWhiteHotIso.

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Steve is an experienced and certificated UAS pilot and aircraft instrument rated pilot. He is also the Chief Pilot with the Wake Forest Fire Department and North Carolina Public Safety Drone Academy.
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