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Outside Fire Calling in the Foam – Flight Debrief

Outside Fire Calling in the Foam – Flight Debrief

Wake Forest Fire Department UAS Flight Debrief

Flight Time: 20 Minutes

Mission Goals:

Provide information to assist firefighting operations.

What Went Well:

The following items were conducted without incident:

  1. A safe landing zone (LZ) was established in front of the location on the quiet street.
  2. Thermal information was obtained and given to BC on request.
  3. The thermal camera identified primary and secondary targets of interest.
  4. The primary target turned out to be hard to hit since it was located inside of a small dog house.

  5. Secondary targets were identified.

  6. Battalion Chief (BC) and pilot stood at fire location and compared the actual situation with various additional palettes from the thermal camera above.

  7. It was an excellent opportunity for BC and pilot to work together on a small outside fire to begin an exchange of information and a flow that can be applied to larger outside fire situations.

What Could Have Gone Better:

I do need to inquire about the best way to identify directions and items in an outside fire situation.

Flight Video:

Recommendations From Flight:

I have no flight recommendations since all equipment operated within limits. The ability to share thermal information that was actionable was a good experience. In cases where the investigation of the residual thermal impact is needed, the aerial platform provides a unique view.

You can see the extent of the thermal event in the previous image and how the heat had radiated outwards towards the direction of the neighboring house.


About Steve Rhode

Steve is an experienced and certificated UAS pilot and aircraft instrument rated pilot. He is also the Chief Pilot with the Wake Forest Fire Department and North Carolina Public Safety Drone Academy.
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