Drone Flew to Help Determine Cause of Deadly Three Rivers Fire

PALMER, Mass. (WWLP) –  A member of the State Department of Fire Services was flying a drone to shoot video of the burned out apartment building where one victim died early Thursday.

Special Operations Coordinator Tim Howe told 22News the drone helps determine a more accurate cause of severe fires by providing a high resolution, “almost 3-D Image.”

“It gives them a perspective that the wouldn’t normally see from the ground. it gives them a better record. It keeps everything on file so they can go back and look at things later on,” Howe said.  “We can take images from various heights… they can see all angles from all different sides of the building.”

Howe called the drone “a great tool that allows for more accurate cause determination.”  He said the Department of Fire Services will dispatch the drone and an operator from their headquarters in Stowe to help investigate any severe fire at no cost to the local fire department.

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