DJI Matrice 210, Zenmuse Z30, Hotspot, and DJI Pilot Update 0.5.1

Today I updated the Pilot app to the latest version 0.5.1 and in combination with the latest Zenmuse Z30 firmware update of my issues with drift with the Z30 camera when zoomed has gone away for the most part.

The only other change I made was adding the external GPs antenna in anticipation of adding the upward gimbal.

DJI Matrice 210 with external GPSAntenna

The DJI Pilot update added some new features that are helpful.

Before when you wanted the GPS location the aircraft was at you have to touch the satellite image at the top of the screen.

Now the GPS location always appears at the bottom of the screen in the center.

If you want to copy the GPS coordinates so you can text or email them, just touch the GPS coordinates at the bottom and it will copy them into memory.

If you want to use a different format for GPS coordinates you can now set it in the Unit Settings menu.

A new option in the setup for Pilot is in the Perception Setting section. You can turn on the radar map.

The radar map then displays at the top of the Pilot app screen in the format you are familiar with in the Go app. The distance to the object is shown in meters even though you might have imperial measurements set.

Verizon 7730L Mifi Hotspot Update

If you use a hotspot to send video from your vehicle like I do using a Webcaster X2 here is a great tip.

The Verizon MiFi allows you to connect two external antennas to it. I added two Wilson 311125 antennas sold as weBoost and substantially increased my upload speeds for sending video. In the location where I tested my connection, I had 29 MBS download and 7 MBS upload without the antennas. With the antennas, I had 31 MBS download and 18 MBS upload. I confirmed the test three times and received similar results each time.

You will need to get a SMA-TS9 adapter to connect the antenna to the Mifi device.

This will help in sending maximum quality video to your streaming platform.

I’ve got to organize the wires a bit better but here is where the antennas were located for the testing I mentioned above.

The Full DJI Pilot 0.5.1 Changelog

  • Added Master and Slave remote controller function.
  • Added GPS coordinate display and format setting.
  • Added obstacle avoidance radar interface.
  • Added support for activating the aircraft.
  • Added support for the Phantom series, M600 series, and Inspire 2 series aircraft.
  • Added support for the extended I/O option to customize the extended I/O ports on the M210 and M210 RTK aircraft.
  • Added IMU and compass sensor status displays.
  • Added Zenmuse X4S and Zenmuse X5S gimbal and camera histogram display.
  • Added option in DJI FlightHub to quit a team.
  • Added support to display the FPV view in the center when maximized.
  • Optimized the abnormal information display.
  • Optimized interactive UI features and improved stability.