Police Drone Lifts Off in Casper Wind; The New Tool Is to Aid Police Efforts

The Casper Police Department teamed up with the fire department to do a demonstration on a new tool, their new drone.

At Lake McKenzie Dog Park in Casper, and as part of the police department’s “Our Community Campaign,” the drone was introduced to help emergency response and public safety.

The goal of the exercise was to help officers see how a drone can investigate environments and situations.

Casper Police Officer Edberg shared, “Basically, we are showing our new tool that we have, which is a drone, an unmanned aircraft, basically right now we have two certified pilots for the Casper Police Department.”

It was windy outside on Wednesday, but the drones were made to handle it.

The weather didn’t affect the pilots at all, and they were able to find a victim in the lake, with the drone. [Click for More]