Technology and Firefighting: Firefighters Learn About Developing Industry

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) – Over 1,500 firefighters from across Kentucky and even out of state traveled to Perry County for the 39th Annual Mountain Firefighters Fire Association fire school from Aug. 25-27 at the Hazard Community and Technical College.

Firefighters and instructors at the school said that the classes range from how to help rescue other firefighters to classes on modern technology in the industry.

‘We actually got a drone class, drones in the fire service or emergency service,” said Greg Reams, the State Fire Rescue Trainer Area 12 coordinator.

Edward Wheeler, a firefighter in Vine Grove, said that classes such as the drone operation course help modernize his community.

“We’re looking at getting drones, our police department has them and we’re trying to see how a drone would integrate into our volunteer fire department,” said Wheeler.

Wheeler said the things he learned can be taught to not just his station, but the community as well.

“Simple things like even adding a couple drops of soap to a fire extinguisher helps that fire extinguisher out immensely, and what did it cost? Two drops of dish soap,” said Wheeler.

Firefighters and workers at the school said that although this helps the firefighters in Kentucky, it also helps the local communities.

“It keeps it safer for the communities because they are better trained and that helps lower insurance costs for the citizens of Kentucky,” said Reams. [Click for More]