Drone Strikes Helicopter Over NC June 23, 2022

Only the earliest data is available on this accident.

The FAA is reporting Schweizer 269 helicopter was struck by a drone near Booneville, North Carolina on June 23, 2022, at 10:59 AM.

The aircraft collided near the intersection of Dobbins Road and Route 601. Here is the street view link. I have no idea where the drone pilot was located but as you can see, visibility is very restricted in this location. If the drone pilot was or is identified, I would expect substantial fines and penalties to be presented. Let’s hope this was not a public safety pilot.

The initial report states the drone and helicopter collided around 500 feet AGL (1,500 MSL).

The damage was reported as substantial to a rotor on the helicopter.

The helicopter returned to KZEF in Elkin, North Carolina.