Drone Questions and Accidents – Flight Time, Loss of Control, Crashes, and Oh No Situations

This time Robert Zarracina and Steve Rhode tackle listener drone questions and discuss published incident and accident reports to see what we all can learn.  Keep the questions coming. You can submit them at PSFlight.org or RareAviation.com.

In this podcast, we tackle the following questions.

  • What kind of drone do you use when taking the shot in the air?
  • Can you see drone lights in your home?
  • Is a 6K drone better than a 4K drone?
  • My Matrice 210 will not resume flight after changing batteries. What can I do?
  • If you go to aviation camp and fly, does that give you flight time?
  • Can I fly a drone and land and takeoff from different locations during the same flight?
  • Can a DJI Mavic Pro travel safely on a snowmobile in a case?