Could You Spot the Drone? Come Fly Along.

This recent training flight of mine gives you a good perspective of how difficult it would be for an airplane or a helicopter to spot a drone if a collision was likely.

The video also demonstrates good crew coordination and communications. This is what is needed between an RPIC and a VO, for example.

There is so much going on in the cockpit that, frankly, there is no time to worry about any drone flying where it should not.

I am the pilot of a Cessna 182 callsign FIRE DEMON 1 for the Wake Forest Fire Department out of Raleigh-Durham International airport.

While we are holding short of the runway, we see the FAA aircraft pass while checking the instrument approaches’ accuracy.

The Wake Forest Fire Department flight consists of Steve as Pilot in Command (PIC) and Andrew as Tactical Flight Officer (TFO). This flight takes you on an ILS practice approach.