What is the Payload Capacity for the Skydio 2 Drone?

A reader asked me what the payload capacity is for a Skydio 2 drone.

As is usual, there is no clear answer because several factors impact the payload capacity of any drone.


Air density impacts the lift component of an aircraft. The thinner the air, the less lift is available. Thin air can be created by altitude or temperature.

Current Configuration

The ability to carry a payload is also dependent on if the Skydio 2 drone is already carrying equipment in addition to the minimum equipment list.

One Way to Measure

One way to measure the total payload capacity is to use a digital hanging scale to measure lift. This is the one I have.

You would need to connect the scale to the bottom of the drone and use full upward lift to measure lifting capacity under those testing conditions.

The total payload will not be that entire lift since you also need to factor in the reduction of flight time and the negative impact on flight performance.

Ultimately, only the manufacturer can answer the approved payload weight in a specific configuration and condition based on flight test data and any certification they have completed.