Faa Wings Program: Becoming A Better Drone Pilot, In Small Bites

Stop Way Over Paying for Drones Not Proven Safe

None of the drones being sold today have passed any sort of FAA safety test and proven themselves to be safe to fly. They are not even built to approved aeronautical standards. So we do we continue to spend so much money on these drones?

What if Your Drone Was Disposible?

Instead of spending thousands on drones that are built to a standard no better than a toy, what if you just bought a bunch of these drones instead?

RG-101 – 6K HD camera, 25 minute flight time, comes with case and supplies – $59.39

Stop Way Over Paying For Drones Not Proven Safe

S2 – 6K HD, 25 minute flight time, comes with case and supplies – $72

Stop Way Over Paying For Drones Not Proven Safe

There are plenty of inexpensive drone models out there that are not certified safe to fly like DJI and others. So why waste thousands of dollars when you can spend less than $100 to get a drone?

Buy Straight From Manufacturer

If you’d like to waste a bunch of time looking at drones, click here and search for drone.

It’s Not Exactly the Same

These inexpensive drones are not exactly the same as you would purchase from a more prominent drone manufacturer. However, they are exactly the same when it comes to safety and confidence in the hardware.

Save the budget until the new airworthiness type certified drones hit the market. Until then, buy cheap.

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